March 16

Many thanks to Jonna Crane and Kathy Ratzlaff for the food, milkbones, chews, and money. Thanks also to Patti Hockett, who made a generous contribution to our account with Cushing Veterinary Clinic. We also just got a bottle of tapeworm meds in the mail today from Lisa Joens, who is sending our dogs a box of goodies from Petflow. MM-MMM! Thank you so very much, ladies. You make what we do possible!


March 11

Meet Brownie! This beautiful girl had to leave her former owner, who took immaculate care of her and trained her well. This sweetheart will make a fantastic companion in the right home. Maybe yours!


January 24

Many thanks to Patti Hockett-Sparks, whose generous and timely donation saved Erica from the gas chamber!


January 21


January 4

Meet Benji, the newest (and scruffiest) member of our adoptable pack! This extremely lovable mutt was abandoned by his previous owners. Many thanks to Lisa Joens--who donated the funds for Benji's vetting and transportation--and to Barb Shields--who made sure Benji had plenty of food and other goodies waiting for him upon his arrival. What a lucky boy Benji is to have TWO such wonderful guardian angels!


December 28

Check out Twiggy's (formerly Caroline) Christmas glamour treatment!


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